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[TRANS] 20180708 “A Certain Idol Hungry For Another Member’s Attention” JRREN

Translated by @janinekwon_.
Source: 1Boon Newsade.

Idol Members who always move together and have activities for 24 hours!

There is no way they won’t naturally be close with each other.


But here, different than usual, there is an idol member that is hungry for a member’s attention.

The main character is no other than NU’EST’s Ren (Choi Minki)!


And the main character who is receiving the wooing and courting of Ren is NU’EST’s JR (Kim Jonghyun).

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What in the world could have happened between the two’s relationship?

Let’s first check from the video uploaded by Ren on SNS.

종현아 내가보여? 보인다고해줘… 응??? 응….??

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glorypath Jonghyun-ah, do you see me? Tell me you see me… Yeah??? Ok….??

Excuse me… Is there anyone who knows why this guy is doing this?


Ren who is showing an exciting performance through the sparkly microphone is also interesting but what is more interesting is JR who is in front of him.

Whatever Ren is doing at the back, no matter how sparkly the room is, JR is indifferent and does his own thing (Kekeke)

However, this is not the end for Ren who wants to receive JR’s attention.

내가 보이구나…잘자..

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glory path You do see me huh… Sleep well…

Ren who is imitating the popular video online these days about the ‘Magic of the Disappearing Owner;.

On the popular video, the lead is the puppy… and it is a kind of video where we look at the reaction of the perplexed puppy whose owner disappears… Here, the trick is that the subject is JR.


Whoever the target is, Ren who showed magic by disappearing while bringing the blanket!

What could JR’s reaction be? As you can see, there was not even a tiny bit of reaction. His eyes are only on the game player…

However, he said a sentence.

“Minki-yah, stop and go sleep.”

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With this kind of reaction from JR, Ren who became touched. (Why are you so touched & making a big fuss with thisㅠㅠ)

There was already a preview of this situation. On MBC Every1 Weekly Idol’ while saying “I don’t even give a reaction, JR testified against Renexcitement.

They squabble like this but in reality these two people, even among NUEST, are the best friends of best friends.

As same-aged friends and to the point of being roommates, they have a close relationship as friends.

It is even to the extent that the fans call them an endearment called ‘별주부즈’ or The Tortoise and The Hare (Because JR’s nickname is ‘Onibugi’ or Turtle, and Ren’s nickname is ‘Tokki’ or Rabbit).

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Their affection with each other is also amazing.

On JR’s birthday, Ren uploaded on SNS, “Kind and precious, our Bugi Leader! I wish you are happy every single day”.

JR of course also showed off his friendship with Ren as he uploaded a congratulatory message on Ren’s birthday.

The moments they are together can also be found easily on SNS.

오늘 와주신 럽들 고마워요🍃낼봐요🌱 부기와망고-

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부기와맹고2 🐢🐇 잠 못이루는 밤❤

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부긔와맹고 🐢🍋

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With this, JR and Ren who has a good relationship than anyone else!

Therefore! For the fans who love ’The Tortoise and The Hare’, here is an interview with Ren by NewsAde.



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Q. Do you know that they call your relation as ‘The Turquoise and The Hare’?

A. It seems like the fans call us that because our nicknames are respectively ‘Turtle character’ and ‘Rabbit’, when I first heard it I thought it was somewhat a fresh, new, and cute endearment!

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Q. Do you like the endearment ‘The Turquoise and The Hare’?

A. I like it very much. Because it is an endearment made by fans themselves, I feel more attached to it. In the future also, not just Jonghyun but also Dongho, Aron hyung, all of us have good chemistry so I thought as we show good sides while promoting, another new endearment that matches us well will be made again (Laughs).

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Q. What could be the reason you match well with JR?

A. Unexpectedly, I think we match better because our personalities are a bit different! Even while we bicker, we think about each other? (Laughs) That’s why I think we match well!

We match so well~ Recently, on the video I uploaded on SNS I saw a comment that said I am the ‘spear’ and JR is the ‘shield’ which I think was said because the fans also think our chemistry matches well together (Laughs). As it really expresses the relationship between us so well, I think it’s a very impressive metaphor!

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Q. Because you’re roommates, are you satisfied?

A. Jonghyun is the type to be very quiet at home. Whatever I do beside him, he doesn’t give much attention so I become a little (more) comfortable, and  I think it’s good that we are able to talk together about our songs or performances. I am satisfied and I like it.

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Q. There are times when Ren dances and JR does not give any attention, right? During those times, don’t you get sad?

A. I get a little sad~! (Laughs) I hope he gives me a little glance, I also hope he dances together with me but because he likes playing games too much that there are more times that he’s playing games beside me so I get sad. But one day, I’ll definitely! When I’m filming a video, I’ll induce Jonghyun’s excitement and make him dance with me! Please watch out for it, LOVEs! (Laughs)

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On fans’ perspective, these two just being together is already happiness itself.

A handsome kid is beside a handsome kid, is there something that could make us happier than this.

In the future, while cheering that these two people’s friendship won’t change! ‘The Turquoise and The Hare’ and NU’EST forever!

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[TRANSLATION/FULL] NU’EST W Interview July 2018

Translated by @janinekwon_. Please take out with full credits.


June 25, NU’EST W is having a comeback after 8 months. The fans have waited a long time. Baekho and JR participated in writing the lyrics for all songs, because of that, an album filled with their colours got completed. The members that we met for the photoshoot filming were humble but with regards to their album, they were full of confidence. Although they were cautious, they were sure that ‘It is a good album that you can anticipate for’. Within 8 months, what could have made NU’EST W much more sturdy?

Q. What is the aspect you focused most on this (new) album.

Baekho: The aspect where we have to show a side of us that is as new as possible. In the midst of that, I thought it was most important that we also do not go too far away from our original colors. I had a lot of thoughts about that middle/halfway perspective.
JR: Up until now, our songs have been hard to sing along to. So that more people would be able to sing to it more easily, I wanted to make music fit for the public and I think we succeeded in doing so.

Q. Where did you get the inspiration to compose and write lyrics?

Baekho: There is nothing special. First, I tried hard to not get hindered by the location. If I locked myself in a place, it seemed like something bad might happen so I intentionally went around and composed. Moreover, if I got something I wanted to do, I’m the type to do it first. If I wanted to go traveling now, I’d go travel.

Q. What is the thing you want to do most right now?

Aron: Have a comeback and meet the fans fast. We had a concert recently in Taiwan and receiving a big love like this in itself was a very unforgettable and moving feeling, and a good memory.

 Q. JR can be seen a lot even in variety shows. Is there a variety program that the other members want to appear in as well?

Baekho: I like nature a lot so either Three Meals A Day or Rural Police.
Ren: Someday when I want to be independent, I want to appear in I Live Alone.
Aron: Because the fans recommended this a lot, I want to try (to appear in) Problematic Men.

Q. We saw a picture of JR going around while wearing a Squirtle outfit on his birthday.

JR: I wanted to see for myself the birthday advertisements that the fans prepared. At first, I was supposed to ride the subway and go by myself but I thought I might block the surroundings and give burden to other people so I went together with our manager. I just wanted to take a proof shot to keep but I was perplexed that more people than I expected recognized me, and I was thankful.
JR: At COEX where I first went to, no one recognized me but as I saw the video I appeared in, I unconsciously started dancing (Laughs). Fans are curious as to where the Squirtle mask came from, I was told it couldn’t be delivered so I just purchased it. It is now ours so I plan to wear it whenever I want to wear it.
Baekho: I’d have to think of a more original idea for my birthday (Laughs)

 Q. Now, the members seem like real-life friends.

Baekho: We have been living together since we were young up until now so naturally we have a close bond between us members. There isn’t a specific thing to fight about.
JR: When we were young, we fought a lot. After being adults, honestly, there wasn’t anything to fight about, and we don’t make fights happen. Receiving love from more people and of wanting to show our charms to a lot of people, as we are headed to the same goal, there is no big thing to fight about.
Ren: Before debut, our personal dispositions were different, and there were aspects that didn’t match well. As our times being together got built, we gained peace with each other.
Baekho: Because we know so well about each other, we are no different from family. When we were training, we set who were in charge in washing the dishes, cleaning, and doing laundry in our dorm but now even if we do our own things, as we want to, there is no trouble.

Q. What do you do when you’re resting (have free time)?

Ren: I watch a movie, and also sleep. What I like doing the most is sightseeing sceneries. On a good day, I like going to places with good view like Seokchon Lake or Cheonggyecheon stream, and walk while thinking of various things.

Baekho: Even while we’re going to our schedule, Ren would always be looking out the window. For me, I like coffee so when we have a break, I am the type to look for places with good coffee and visiting them. I also want to go to places we have filmed to before. Compared to those with sour/acidic taste, I like coffee with rich flavours.

Aron: In our dorm, I either play a game or play with my dog. I don’t enjoy (drinking) coffee but I am happy during times when I drink coffee while having conversation with other people.

JR: I am the type who is always at home. I am either playing a game or sleeping, it’s just among those two. Instead of playing a certain game often, I am the type to play every game first and if I find something fun, I continuously play it. These days, there is no specific game I’m drawn to.

Q. You said it was your wish to win 1st at a music show, now that dream has been fulfilled, what is your next wish?

Ren: I want to be a group that gives our love, unchangingly, to fans. Receiving love is important but because giving our love is also important, so we make an effort to have a lot of communication with fans. I visit the fan cafe often and write posts/comments, and give out event ideas.
Baekho: For us to be together for a long time. Recently, I received a question from an interview asking what kind of singer I wanted to be. My answer was to be active as NU’EST’s Main Vocal for as long as I can. Right now, that is my wish, and our wish.

Translated by @janinekwon_. Please take out with full credits.


[TRANS/DISPATCHⓝ] “Suffering memes are only for today”…NU’EST W, Properly-Done Thailand Trip

Translated by @janinekwon_. Please take out with full credits.


“Python HD Challenge (ft. A First)”


“I’m Scared” (JR)

“(My) Soul, where are you?” (Ren)


My friend’s suffering/pain is




NU’EST W’s Bangkok Story has not ended yet. This place is ‘Sampran Riverside’ where one can experience the traditional Thai culture. In this place, they left ‘Yeong-Go memes’ (slang for funny scenes that will cause suffering forever).


First, wherever they go, their popularity is exploding. Even at this place which is 3 hours away from Bangkok city, the fans came. Even from a far, they made an effort just to capture NU’EST W.


NU’EST W did their best to learn the traditional culture. It is for the sake of giving a special gift for Thai fans. They also tried playing instruments themselves. They also challenged doing a traditional dance.


“Thailand dance, challenge!”


“I have the feel, right?” (Ren)


“Focused Mode” (Aron)


“(You’re) Doing well?” (Baekho)


Now it’s time to see the handcraft skills of NU’EST W. Using dried coconut leaves, they completed making mobiles. Although the weather was hot, they were so focused in making their handicraft.


“Following Ren” (Baekho)


“I made it well, right?” (JR)


“How about mine?” (Baekho)


This is the final course. They enjoyed the Thai traditional dance and martial arts. With the perfect body movements, the members also fell for it. At that moment, the NU’EST W members went down towards the stage.


“Let’s dance together”


“I’m shy, though..” (Baekho)


“But still”(JR)


“It’s enjoyable”


NU’EST W’s Bangkok experience is up until here only. For a while, they experienced a healing time. The ‘Suffering memes’ are now stopping! We reveal the A-cut photos filmed in Bangkok.


“NU’EST W on June 25” ()


“Will release a new album!”


“Even just a day faster” ()


“We want to run towards you”


“At the time when we have to repay the love (we received) from LOVEs” ()


“We‘ll make the greatest gift for you”


“Because I can meet LOVEs,” ()


“My heart is overflowing”

Translated by @janinekwon_. Please take out with full credits.


[TRANS/Hope Relay Interview①] Hani·JR “Those hard times we wanted to give up… We withstood them while remembering the members”

① Reversal Icon ‘EXID’ Hani & ‘NU’EST’ JR

Translated by @janinekwon_. Please take out with full credits.



  • The moment of our reversal is a moment I’ll never forget until I die
  • Cried so much when “Ah Yeah” won 1st place
  • Doing your best on every moment will have better results
  • Don’t be in a rush but believe in yourself


  • The miracle of ‘PD101’ which we thought was our final chance
  • When ‘If You’ took 2nd place, I unexpectedly teared up
  • If you work hard, an opportunity always comes to you whenever
  • Just don’t think that it won’t work out

Sports Donga will release a ‘Celebrity Stars’ Hope Relay Interview’ for 3 days starting on March 21 just in time for its 10-year anniversary. We hope you get to feel the sincere feelings of the stars who went through various kinds of hardships and trials and has finally seen the light after overcoming them. First, ‘Reversal Icons’ EXID’s Hani and NU’EST JR will deliver hope.

EXID and NU’EST. They are called the ‘Icons of Reversal’. They are the main characters who debuted on 2012 and became ‘daebak’ (a hit) belatedly. There were many times that they didn’t have any opportunity coming their way and moments they wanted to give up but at that moment when they thought “This is really the last (chance)”, a miracle happened. Now, in front of them is a sturdy ‘Flower Path’.

-Do you remember that moment.

Hani = “Definitely! I’d probably never forget that moment until I die. We released “Up & Down” on August 27, 2014 and diligently had promotions but there was not much reaction. Not many places invited us, too, so I think we went to all kinds of festivals to perform. We also performed at a lot of military units. On one certain unit, a fancam (video filmed by a fan) was made and this gained topics on the Internet. All of a sudden, the song ‘Up & Down’ received the light again and re-entered the music charts.”

4 years has already passed since this moment but just as if it happened yesterday, Hani could not hide his happiness. After ‘Up & Down’ climbed up the ranks, in the end, it even rose to 1st place on music charts. That was December 24. Hani remembers that very moment vividly, “Since it was Christmas Eve, I can never forget that date.”

JR who is vividly listening beside Hani’s ‘Moment of Joy’ had a strange smile as if he’s having mixed feelings. As he remembers seeing the thing that happened to EXID, (he says) a ‘Miraculous Moment’ has also happened to NU’EST.

JR = “It’s no other than last year. June 17th! Our previously-released songs went up from 1st up to 13th place on a certain music chart. There was one certain cause. It was appearing on Mnet audition program ‘Produce 101’ Season 2. During the broadcast of the program, I felt the support of many people but they showed more interest even after the program. That’s how NU’EST songs climbed up the charts. It was unbelievable. We went to ‘Produce 101’ with the thoughts of it being our last chance. Even when it seemed like we were violating the rules of the program which is mainly for trainees only, we still joined the program thinking we didn’t have anything to lose anyway. We have been active for a long time already but the results weren’t that good so each of the members thought to “put down” even our group’s name.”

Hani who tasted how it feels to have a Reversal first felt happy, as if it was happening to her, for the happiness of NU’EST who belatedly rose to fame.

Hani = “I looked over them with interest as we debuted at the same year and our promotions sometimes overlapped. One day, on the way to a schedule we were in our car, I heard NU’EST’s song, I felt it was such a pity that they couldn’t receive more love. One day I saw them appear on ‘Produce 101’ and it didn’t seem like it was happening to another person. We’ve been through it so we know how hard it feels.”


-If your teams didn’t have a reversal, would you have not had this happiness you have now?

Hani = “Probably! Before that, we have already released various songs but we never got satisfactory results. Our members comforted each other with words that seemed like self-hypnosis such as, ‘It’s alright as long as we have fun while performing’ or ‘We did our best so it’s enough’. Opportunities did not come easily and we had a 2-year gap. That time, we prepared for ‘Up & Down’ thinking it was our last. It felt like piling sand on ocean waves. Each of the members made and prepared costumes, the song, music concept and PPT (powerpoint), and presented to our company. We prepared these as if it is our last, eventually, an opportunity came. That dark time of 2 years was so hard but if that time didn’t happen, our members wouldn’t be as close as we are. Those were moments we laughed the most, and laughed the widest.

JR = “Looking at it, it seems like putting good care in making our albums well-made have resulted to a good effect. Our hearts felt heavy and it was hard that we weren’t able to achieve results right away but since people are able to look at these videos and songs even at a later time, we are able to taste this kind of happiness”.

-How about the moment you felt the change of responses from your fans.

Hani = “We couldn’t believe that moment we got 1st place on a chart. That time, my phone’s messenger profile caption was ‘Don’t live a life that is always going between sorrow and happiness’. Although it was the happiest moment, if you’re too happy, it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to withstand the feeling of loss and emptiness that would come after that moment. After ‘Up & Down,’ when the song we released ‘Ah Yeah’ won 1st place, I cried a lot. Even when ‘Up & Down’ got a lot of awards, I never cried onstage.”

JR = “After ‘PD101’ ended, I thought about what I should do now. Thankfully, the interest we got from the program didn’t seem to get lost. Shortly after our digital single ‘If You’ was released, it became 2nd place. Without me knowing, I was in tears. I don’t even know what that feeling is. Within a short amount of time (1 minute) that my tears were flowing, the things we went through came passing by (my thoughts) like a thunderstorm.”

-If you have succeeded in another way aside from having a reversal.

Hani = “Solji unnie appeared at MBC ‘King of Mask Singer’ on 2015. Because she became the ‘Mask King’ EXID even got known as a group with talent/skills. Don’t you think the group EXID would have been known through (Solji) unnie?”

JR = “You can’t underestimate teamwork. I believe that a good performance comes from a good atmosphere. The five members of NU’EST has lived together for 9 years since our trainee season. We are friends and family. We have great closeness and we’d always encourage each other to do our best on every moment.”

We can’t not talk about EXID when it’s about good teamwork. Hani said, “If you only look at the celebrity system we have, it is a reality that it is hard to have a family-like and close teamwork. There is a limit on opportunities and yet a group needs to share those opportunities. When family-like people compete with each other, there would have a division between them”.


-When members fight or if they have misunderstandings, what are the ways you fix them.

JR = “We fight about the simplest things such as eating or sleeping. Our rule is that we have to solve (all problems) within that day.”

Hani = “I believe not saying your real feelings is the worst thing. As you live as a team, I think that’s one thing you should never do. If you feel bad or hurt, even just for a little bit, you need to express that and talk to your members. Misunderstandings are the scariest thing. No matter what kind of relation you have, if you want it to last for a long time, you must not hide your real feelings and you must solve everything.”

-You had a lot of hard times.

Hani = “I felt most sorry for my parents. I was living independently but I didn’t have any income or didn’t have any performances. Holidays, when everyone from my family gathered, were scary. My heart hurt seeing my parents give excuses to our relatives who kept asking me ‘When will you be on TV’. It was alright if it was just me having a hard time but even my parents felt sad so I wondered if doing this work was the right thing or if this path was the right path for me.”

JR = “There was a time my mother went into surgical operation. Out of all days, the day of her operation was a day we had a concert overseas. The plane ride took 10 hours and I was in despair thinking of the fact that I, as a son, couldn’t be by his mother’s side to protect her. I had strange feelings on the way. Since the date of the concert was already set, and I didn’t want to not keep a promise I have made.”

-Those hard moments when you wanted to give up, what thoughts did you have to be able to withstand all of them.

Hani = “The members! When difficult things happen to us, the members intentionally did not talk about such things when we talk to each other. It’s because negative thoughts might spread within the members. The very fact that there were 4 people with me and doing the same work as me has already given me strength in itself. I was able to withstand (everything) with the fact that there were people I could share my problems with and solve them together.”

JR = “The members were the biggest (factor). Another one was doing my hobbies. While playing games and watching animations, I am able to forget the not-so-good things and get immersed.”

-What is the part about EXID or NU’EST that the public can most sympathize with.

JR = “The fact that when you do your best, someone will recognize your hard work and opportunities will come your way, I think that they’ll sympathize with that the most.”

Hani = “Even on the times the light didn’t shine on us, we always worked hard; it seems when you do your best on every moment, you’ll receive good results. The point is not giving up even on the smallest things.”


-There are a lot of teams like your two teams that weren’t able to get attention from the public despite their talents and effort.

Hani = “Aren’t all teams that debut like that. In order to reach your dreams, you debut while bringing out ‘Blood and Sweat’. In the midst of that, being recognized is ‘Plucking a star from the sky’ (Hanja proverb; i.e. There is a very small chance of that happening).”

JR = “There are a lot of groups that debuted who trained since they were young. These people all did not have a student life. It is giving up your time as a student and investing that time to debut with the feeling of hope that it works well just as the amount of work and time exerted.”

-If you were to talk as a ‘Sunbae’ (Senior) to them.

JR = “Although this seems like a cliche saying, I want to tell them to do their best on every moment. Take pride in yourself. We were also able to withstand all kinds of hardships and moments we wanted to give up, and was able to come until here. Everyone encounters a difficult time. It’s not about not feeling anxious about what will happen but just don’t think that it won’t work out. Just don’t give up, and that’s enough.”

Hani = “I sympathize with you. Doing your best on every moment is honestly tiring. It’s about not rushing too much when the result of your hardwork or effort does not appear in front of you right away. Up until now, what I felt as I do this kind of work is that on every circumstance, hardship or trials will always come. When you climb a big mountain, there is another mountain. Whenever that happens, believe in yourself and your possibilities. Don’t blame yourself when things don’t work out. There is nothing in this world that doesn’t work out. Look at us. We also did it. It’s easy to blame yourself but I hope you’d believe in yourself.”

Translated by @janinekwon_. Please take out with full credits.

[TRANS/DISPATCHⓝ] “Thailand is Ren Over Flowers”…’NU’EST W’ Ren, Hallyu Idol’s Start


This is Ren Over Flowers.


‘D-Icon’ acted as the casting manager (Proud)


With just one pictorial photo, got in a Thai Sitcom (ft. For Real)


From a perfect visual


To comic acting.


With this, the local press can’t not concentrate.


NU’EST W Ren was hotly received on Thailand. He proved his ‘Hallyu Idol’ popularity. Last month, he filmed on Bangkok for the sitcom “Something Family Season 2”.

“Something Family” is a Thai weekend sitcom. It is popular enough to be broadcasted in even Singapore and China. Ren’s role is Sungmin (nickname: Mali), an heir of a large company in Korea.

“The producer casted me after seeing my image on a pictorial. Saying I match well with flowers, he suggested the role of ‘Mali’. I’ll work hard (to enact the role)!” (Ren)


This place is a certain hotel in Bangkok. As soon as he arrived, Ren played in the waters (went swimming). He had fun swimming as it is a vacation he haven’t had in a long time.

“Before we filmed, it was nice that I was able to ease my nervousness through swimming. But it’s lonely as I am on my own. It would have been fun if I was with my members together…”


Because I’m alone, it’s lonely


“I miss the members”


Finally, the following day, the filming for the sitcom started. First, he shared greetings with the producer. After hearing what the project was about, he was able to capture the character.

Ren perfectly transformed into ‘Sungmin’. After hearing the news that his real father is in Thailand, he pretends that he lost his memory. He was in harmony with the famous local actors.


Alright, rehearsal is starting!


“The role of a big company’s heir”


“Does it suit me?”


“What happened to Mali?”


“As it is my first sitcom, I was so nervous. I was also nervous as it is my first time to act with Thai actors. Fortunately, I received an OK at one take so I am happy.”


He also challenged comic acting. Ren refused when the family said they’d find his home. He created laughter as he held on to the table while acting.


“Hold onto this” (Staff)


“Please,” (Real dialogue)


“let me stay here”


The first day of filming ended. Ren went home wearing exclusive-item pants that he bought at a night market the previous day. He received compliments from the staff with his styling that is full of sense.


The next day’s filming was more special. The local press concentrated on Ren’s sitcom filming image. Every time Ren moves, the shutter sounds were faster.


“Heir visual”




“I love you!”


That day, Ren greeted first using the Thai language. The local press fell for kind Ren’s manners. He also took a proof shot with the fans who went to the scene.

Finally, is the story of the local staff that he filmed with.


“Filming in Thailand”


“must have been unfamiliar and hard”


“You’ve worked so hard!”


“Even the gift you prepared firsthand”


“was so touching.”


“You definitely have to come back again!”


Finally, we are curious of Choi Minki’s next move. The filming for the drama ‘사자/Four Men’ (directed by Jang Taeyoo) is about to come. His role is Nana’s younger brother ‘Yeohoon’. We’ll be having an ‘Exclusive/Dispatch’ again. Coming soon!

Translated by @janinekwon_. Please take out with full credits.



Translated by @janinekwon_.
Please out with full credits.

This stage that is seen faintly
Is it for real


Top class is of top class.


That’s why, faster


Come here


This is




‘NU’EST W’ and ’SEVENTEEN’ meet up…. This is Heaven. These two groups completely finished a top-class collaboration. It’s no other than ‘HEAVEN’ (Produced by Bumzu, Baekho, Woozi).

‘HEAVEN’ captured the attention of the two fan clubs. The sound is strong and intense. The lyrics are dreamy. And the performance? The ‘MAMA’ performance was small/narrow, right?

‘EXCLUSIVE’ has prepared this for ‘LOVE’ and ‘CARAT’. This is ‘HEAVEN’ Nano Version. Knowing the hearts of fans very well, the lyrics come out as is in Full~ Version


From the Start


Done correctly


When the light and darkness get closer, The field of vision gets blurred (Joshua)


You, who I can see faintly, seem like you’re going through my heart (Aron)

Dejavu that flames and seeps like a haze (Ren)
My hand and your heart are already (together like) Glue (Jeonghan)

I want to get hurt and cry together with you (Ren·Jeonghan)

There’s the two of us so don’t be afraid Bae (JR)
And this moment is like the dream we’ve dreamed of Bae (Wonwoo)
Under the skies Rollin Rollin hey (JR·Wonwoo)

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The light that is shining bright (Hoshi) / Standing in front of its door (Ren)
If you want me (Seungkwan)


You just have to keep on following me (Hoshi·Ren·Seungkwan)


Blow Your Mind X 4 (Jeonghan)

Because the moment of happiness will shine its light (Dokyeom)

Blow Your Mind X 4 (Jeonghan)

I’ll reach out my hands to you (Dokyeom)

Come here, this is (Mingyu)

Heaven (Mingyu)

Your scent and temperature that is getting closer (S.Coups)

As if I (The8) Yeh Yeh (Jun)
Have become you (The8) Yeh Yeh (Jun)

The flaming light and darkness (Dino)

that is facing the two of us (Vernon)

Let’s make this moment last forever(Vernon·Dino)

The light that is shining bright (Seunggwan)

Standing in front of its door (Dokyeom)

If you want me (Baekho)

You just have to keep on following me (Seungkwan·Dokyeom·Baekho)

Blow Your Mind X 4 (Ren)

Because the moment of happiness

will shine its light(Seungkwan)

Blow Your Mind X 4 (Ren)

I’ll reach out my hands to you (Seungkwan)

Come here, this is (Mingyu)

Heaven (Mingyu)

The path that was unseen before

Has become another pathway

Following the compass of Faith (Woozi)

I Know I Know Right Now (Aron)

You Know You Know Right Now (Joshua)

So, baby Hold both of my hands  (Dokyeom)

We just have to go UH (Baekho)

Blow Your Mind X 4 (Jun)

Because the moment of happiness

will shine its light (Baekho)

Come here (JR·S.Coups)

this is (JR·S.Coups)

Heaven (JR·S.Coups)

The ‘Heaven’ nano version is up until here. With this, ‘LOVEs’ and ‘CARATs’ have something they want to see, right? That is no other than the BEHIND CUTS.


“PLEDISes, gathering”


“This Two-Shot, is it for real?” (JR, Vernon)


“We’re like one team, right?” (Woozi, Aron)


This passion/enthusiasm, only applauses come out right? This EXCLUSIVE is not ending until the end. Lastly, cute scenes are coming out. JJak!JJak!JJak!JJak!



“You want~ want more?” (NU’EST W)

“Again! Hit it! Clap!” (SEVENTEEN)

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[TRANS/DISPATCH] “Love is, something to be returned”…’PLEDIS’, Merry Coal Briquette (Delivery) Volunteering

Translated by @janinekwon_
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In this place that needs a hand


kind hands are on the move.


Hand in hand,


love is piled up.


That’s. why. on. this. day


Even if dirt gets on our hands,


Even if clothes get dirty,


Even if shoes get ruined,


We are able to smile (Dokyeom).


Last December 18 morning, heavy snow poured. A warning of heavy snowfall at the metro. The whole city is frozen with white.

Here is a settlement area in Bucheon. They must fight the cold. That is why they need coal briquettes. Because this is reality and a way to survive.

NU’EST W, SEVENTEEN, Han Donggeun, and Bumzu gathered in one place. On this loneliest place, they gave the warmest hand (touch).


‘Maknae’ SVT arrived first. In one word, they were prepared ‘Volunteer-dols”. This is a first to see this kind of idols. They were bare-faced & were in sportswear.

“I’ve always wanted to help someone. Although it’s small, I hope it will be helpful to survive winter. I’ll do my best today!” (Wonwoo)


“Let’s start” (Hoshi)


“Prepared Volunteer-dols”


“Coal Briquettes! Just wait“


Soon enough, NU’EST W with Han Donggeun and Bumzu arrived. To be honest, this volunteering activity is also NU’EST W’s final goal for 2017.

They had an interview after the end of ‘WHERE YOU AT’ promotions. They were asked the last thing they want to try doing. As a group, they shouted ‘Volunteering’.


“This year, we received a very big amount of love. I want to give back that gratitude. My final goal is to share the love we received from the fans.” (Baekho)


“Today, (we are) Santa” (JR, Ren)


Pledis looked for 7 households. First, they listened to the precautions. Because of heavy snow, the road is slippery and the briquettes are frozen.


“Although it may be hard,


with a smile,


let’s gather strength!”


This is the first to be given away. It was led by Han Donggeun. He carefully moved the frozen cold briquettes. Since this is the first, it’s difficult.

Still, Han Donggeun’s expression was bright. The things he learned on (coal) delivery. Hn Donggeun delivered them (the coal) to his dongsaengs fast and accurately.

“I was worried because it snowed a lot this morning. But just like a lie, the snow stopped. I’m happy because I am able to help out the elders.” (Han Donggeun)


“Alright~ Please start” (Han Donggeun)


“Even 4 pieces are light as a feather” (Jun, Jeonghan, Aron)


“Just follow me“ (JR)


The delivery road was not easy. The path was steep, and the entrance was narrow. In one line, they stood side by side carrying briquettes, and carrying them again.


“Real! The scene of volunteering”


“Please stand in line~”


At an unseen place, there are members having a hard time. They are SEVENTEEN S.Coups & Mingyu. They carefully stack the briquettes delivered by the members.


“In harmony” (S.Coups, Mingyu)


“I’ll receive them” (Mingyu)


“The stacking is done by S.Coups!”


This is the 2nd location. The alley got more narrow. There is a need to do a relay delivery. This time, NU’EST W Baekho and JR are in the lead.


“Please be careful” (JR)


“Don’t worry” (Jun)


“We’re not delivering briquettes,” (Han Donggeun)


“We are conveying our hearts.” (Bumzu)


They are named ‘Bounce team’. They are SEVENTEEN Dokyeom, Joshua, and Hoshi. These three showed a unique briquette delivery skill. They were able to laugh for a while at the difficult scene.

“We can’t give big help but we’ll do our best! We hope everyone here gets to spend a warm winter. Just thinking about it, our hearts feel happy.” (Dokyeom, Joshua, Hoshi)

“Unique warm-up” (Hoshi, Dino, Dokyeom)


“A bounce we’re born with”


“We are the Mood-Makers” (Dokyeom)


 Just like that, another house was stacked with briquettes. They are also exhausted. Pledis, without resting, went on to the next house. They walked uphill in pairs.

“It’s like a time that I really needed for myself. As you share, your heart warms up. I’ll do my best with the dongsaengs and finish!” (Bumzu)


One unique thing is, (Hoshi)


As we volunteer, (Vernon)


The smile on our lips (S.Coups, Aron, Baekho, Woozi)


Do not end. (Ren)


Now, only 2 houses are left. This time, they delivered in 2 sets of teams. First is the Relay Team. As this is the last house, they are working harder.


“This is the last house” (Baekho)


“The ‘happily’” (Ren, Joshua)


“The ‘with strength’”


“Now, lightly” (Vernon)


At that time, S.Coups and Wonwoo directly carried the briquettes. The members who finished the relay also joined them. The weight of 1 briquette is 3.5kg. They carried it again and again…


“Up until the last briquette,“ (Aron)


“We all do our best” (Vernon)


“All this sweat“ (Bumzu, Han Donggeun)


“will be very rewarding” (S.Coups, Dino)


Pledis’s sharing donation has ended. The neighborhood residents heart-warmingly watched the boys working hard. Even when Baekho’s hand is full of coal, it is for a happy reason.

Anyone may be suspicious of their sweat (hard work). You will never know the existence of this place under the sheets of your bed. From now on, please listen to JR as the volunteering has ended.


“This is something I slightly heard. A lot volunteer on December~January but by February, the amount of support is cut in half.” (JR, Leader)


“I think there needs to be a consistent interest in this area. I’ll also do my best so I can lead the way to sharing in the future.” (S.Coups, Leader)

“Coal Briquette is” (Vernon, Ren, Aron)


“Let’s be together again next year!”

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[TRANS] “Debut-like Comeback”… NU’EST W(뉴이스트W), 3 Things To Watch Out For


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It’s a debut-like comeback. Group NU’EST W will start their activities. After appearing in ‘Produce 101’ and going back to trainees status, this is their first full-scale activity. ‘If You’ was released through the name of ‘NU’EST W’ but was only released as a digital single, thus, the interest for this comeback is further heightened.

A boy group that reaches its first prime after their 6-year debut. With the heart of starting anew, they appeared on ‘Produce 101 S2’. Through the program, the members’ charms were shown, and they are able to receive overwhelming support from fans, it is a rare case.

October 10 Comeback. Their ‘debut-like comeback’ has of course got fans’ attentions, but there is also a growing interest from the industry.

#Appearing in Produce 101, What Effect Could It Have Given

It must not have been an easy choice. With a 6-year debut experience, going back to being trainees again and competing for debut is a ‘daring act’. Nevertheless, they made this decision and began the survival. Minhyun, Baekho, Ren, and JR participated in ‘Produce 101’, and unlike their first entrance, they proved their own value and ended up being selected by the national producers. Minhyun was the only member who was able to debut in Wanna One, but the remaining three members also received unmatched support.

The most inspiring thing is how the members developed as individuals while in the survival. Through the severe (competitive) survival, they were reborn to be more solid musicians with strong mental, talent, and experience; they also learned variety sense. The most valuable thing is their regained confidence.

In the process, each of them were able to secure a solid fandom, and by uniting as NU’EST W, it became doubled. With topics being mixed with trainees who have to to go back to their respective companies and other performers, having a distinctive powerful force is a crucial point.

#What could be the group’s distinction from the 5-member NU’EST

They will be active with the unit name “NU’EST W” with a meaning of “the sense of waiting to meet the fans again after a long time”. The distinction is analyzed to be “growth”. Although they appeared to be trainees again on PD101, they certainly became more solid, and they were able to grow more stable. The album which they can show and prove their growth is through this upcoming album, W,HERE.

NU’EST W’s company, Pledis, introduced this album as they released last October 7 a Pre-Listening video of the 6 songs in the ‘W,HERE’ album on their official Youtube channel. The general review from the fans and the industry is “They became more mature”.

An especially impressive point is their own unrivaled color. The new album’s first track  하루만(lit. Just One Day) is a song that confesses a deep longing, the second track and title song “WHERE YOU AT” is a song that is filled with feelings that only NU’EST W has. From the third track onwards are the members’ solo songs, and with just a short reveal, it gained a lot of curiosity.

From “PARADISE” where Ren’s vocals stand out, Aron’s solo song “GOOD LOVE” filled with sweetness and charms, JR’s unique rap which is calm yet powerful that can be felt on “WITH”, and up to “지금까지 행복했어요(lit. Up until now, I have/It has been happy) where Baekho boasts his emotional and deep vocals. It is quite impressive.

#October, filled with artists…NU’EST W, can they stand on the charts

Fall where the leaves are turning into autumn colors (lit. trans). Who will shine in the charts. It is really an “Autumn Daejeon (Great Battle)”. From the senior-class ballad artists Lim Changjung, Sung Sikyung, Wheesung, etc, to musicians with a lot of anticipation such as Epik High and Wonder Girls Yeeun, and even idol lineups such as TWICE, Got7, HIGHLIGHT, BTOB. What kind of results will NU’EST W receive?

Although the competition is fierce, this is an opportunity to clearly prove their own position.  Their prevailing dominance is enough to try to win. Previously, “If You” which was released only digitally without any other promotions, kept a steady place and is continuously in real-time charts and various online music sites. With this, there is a positive outlook.

Moreover, their previously-released songs as NU’EST has been reversing and going up the charts with the organized actions of the fans, showing their force is not just ordinary. With just the strong popularity and the very generous support of fans, it is enough to say that this comeback is showing bright prospects.

Translated by @janinekwon_
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