Di Na Muli Music Video: A Beautiful Love Immortalized

“Nung araw kay tamis ng ating buhay, Puno ng saya at ng kulay, Di mauulit muli (Our life was once so sweet, Full of happiness and color, Can never be repeated again). Perfectly embodying the song’s themes of love, loss, and words left unspoken, the Di Na Muli music video immortalizes the beautiful yet bittersweet love story of the late father of Philippine Theater lighting  Teodoro “Teddy” Hilado and his wife Rosky Balahadia Hilado.


The Itchyworms for ‘Di Na Muli’

Di Na Muli was written in 2016 by long-time friends Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola. They entered the song into the 5th Philippine Popular (PhilPop) Music Festival, performed by The Itchyworms, where it won the grand prize. Now, in 2018, the song has been given new life in the official soundtrack of the hit film Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story) (Viva Films, starring Dingdong Dantes and Anne Curtis, directed by Irene Villamor).

At the time frame in between Philpop and Sid & Aya, The Itchyworms seeked to immortalize the song. The result came out this June 2018 in a music video directed by Paolo Abella and Juno Oebanda. After The Itchyworms won the grand prize, Oebanda called the band and expressed his desire to do a music video, I felt the song written by Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola was so powerful it needed a proper one.”



Rosky Balahadia Hilado,…

Posted by Juno Oebanda on Sunday, May 20, 2018


Di Na Muli music video: Story

The theme of the music video came like a light bulb to Oebanda on 2016 near the first death anniversary of his uncle, Teddy Hilado. Teddy who was the first technical and lighting director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and the Bayanihan Dance Group met the love of his life, Rosky who was one of the principal dancers of the Bayanihan at the CCP. Oebanda presented the plot to the Worms who then liked it, and they proceeded to talk to the CCP to film in and around the theater. Teddy, being one of CCP’s pioneers led to the easy granting of the venue for the music video.

This was how the CCP became the setting of the music video, at the very place where their love story started:  Teddy designing the lights over dances that Rosky did on stage. Oebanda shares, “Rosky comes back to the CCP stage after more than 20 years and reminisces how and where her love story with Teddy started.”


Rosky Hilado gazes at the CCP stage that she hasn’t been on for 20 years

At the place which remains to be the living proof of their love story, Rosky reminisces the love of her life. Oebanda says, “Rosky takes over and owns the song, how she walked, how she smiled, how she cried and how she gracefully danced were all real emotions.”


Young Rosky wonderfully played by Kare Adea

As Oebanda was guiding her with instructions, Rosky whispers to him with a smile accompanied with tears in her eyes, “I haven’t been on this stage for more than 20 years.” To which he replied,  “TIta this last sequence is where you will dance with Tito Teddy, dance with the light Tita, dance with Tito Teddy”. What happened next astounded him and will then be the highlight of the video: Rosky starts dancing with the light with the grace of a woman dancing with her love again.

Di Na Muli music video ending" Rosky dancing with the light

Di Na Muli music video ending: Rosky dancing with the light

The music video ends with a beautiful scene of Rosky basked in the limelight. The scene is made more special as the lighting execution was done by Shakira Villa Symes who for a time was mentored by Teddy Hilado himself.

“Di Na Muli – is a gem of a song that comes around not too often. It’s a song that becomes yours, you own it.”  –Juno Oebanda, Director

The Di Na Muli music video has gone beyond the themes and meaning of the song. The beautiful lyrics of the song, the wonderful rendition by The Itchyworms, and this video that came to immortalize the undying love between Teddy and Rosky Hilado, Di Na Muli has perfectly encapsulated the rawest emotions that love can bring.

Want to watch how this beautiful love story is immortalized all captured within the hallowed halls of the CCP? Watch the Di Na Muli music video by The Itchyworms below:

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Thank you for reading! It had been years since I last saw a beautiful music video like this in the Philippines. I hope you had the chance to watch this masterpiece as well! What did you think of the Di Na Muli music video and song? Have you had an experience of a love as strong as Teddy and Rosky’s love story? Let me know on the comments below!


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    I love this! It’s raw and beautiful! I just added it on my Spottily playlist.