Six More Months: Recap of June + July Goals

Today is the start of a new month. Can you believe that six months has already passed in 2018? In this post I’ll be looking back at how last month went with a recap of June, and I’ll also be setting my July goals to make the most out of the remaining six months of the year.


Halfway there to making 2018 my year!

Recap of June

June was unexpectedly a good month for me. May 30, I departed from Korea (after a 3-month Korean language course in Yonsei add to that a missed flight that resulted to a half-day trip to Incheon), and I arrived in Manila at 6PM that day. Morning the next day (May 31), I went back to the airport to depart to Cebu for a one-week backpacking local trip going around Cebu and Bohol with my high school best friend. Although it was quite exhausting, it was a good decision to go travelling right after I arrived back in the Philippines because I was able to free my thoughts from missing everyone that I met in the previous semester in Korea.

I also went back to blogging and started being more active in Instagram. Doing this resulted to increased traffic in my site, 200% increase in AdSense, emails for press releases, invites to events, and more followers and subscribers. Seeing all these results made me more motivated to be more active in blogging.

And the highlight for June happened on June 25. Along with the comeback of my most favorite group NU’EST W came the results of my Master’s application. It is not a surprise to all my friends that I have been wanting to take Master’s abroad but it has been two years since I graduated and I still haven’t sent in any applications. This year, I decided I could no longer waste time so last March, since I was already in Korea, I sent in my application to Yonsei University.

While opening the site where the results are shown, my hands were shaking tremendously because I wanted this so bad and when it finally loaded I was in for a big BIG SURPRISE. Not only did I get accepted in my chosen program, Master’s in Business Administration (specializing in Information Systems) in Yonsei University, I also got awarded an Outstanding International Student scholarship providing me  with free tuition and free entrance fee (amounting to KRW 5,908,000 or USD 5,300 per semester).

I was on the verge of tears because this is the kind of acknowledgement I have been yearning to receive for the past few years. After I graduated, I have been so lost with what I wanted to do in life, I’ve been lazing around at home feeling guilty that I was wasting my youth and potential while contributing nothing to my parents. And having received this result made me realize yet again that everything happens at their own pace, and that I, have much more to offer and much more to prove in the world. I am ready to take another step of my life: Graduate School!

As much as how June became an unexpectedly good month for me, I believe the next six months of 2018 will be much much better. Setting attainable goals for myself from the start gets me motivated to tick them out so to get me on track, I have listed below my July goals.



1. Write more frequently & consistently

One thing I regret last year was that I did not write and blog about my trips. I went to several countries and I only wrote about Korea so far, and it’s such a waste to keep all the wonderful pictures and beautiful stories about the places I’ve been. After starting to be more active last month, I plan to be much more active by posting 1 or more post per week for July and the upcoming months.

2. Healthier lifestyle

When I was in Korea last March until end of May, I ate so much junk that I could feel how unhealthy I was becoming. There was that one time where I ate instant ramen for a whole week because that was the only thing I could find in the kitchen, and let’s just say I don’t plan on doing that again anytime soon. On June after going back home, I started eating more vegetables and fruits, lean meat such as chicken breast, and stopped eating rice. For July, I want to incorporate exercises (hopefully I can go back to boxing), while eating healthily. The goal is to lose at least 5 kg before I go back to Korea again.

3. Declutter and get rid of baggage

I got this idea when I heard my friend was fixing her room and throwing out unneccesary stuff she no longer needed. When I went to sort out my closet, I found out that 70% of the items there are clothes I no longer wear or have never even worn. And so, I decided to sell them at a lower price so other people can make use of them. I’ve already started selling some of my clothes on Carousell and Instagram, check them out if you want to see the items I’m selling!

4. Reply to people

Something most of my friends would say about me is that I reply, if not never, very late to people. This is not because I don’t want to reply but I tend to be very lazy and forget to send in my reply after a long time, and when I do remember, it’s already too late to send in my reply. For this month, I want to practice replying to people right away so that I don’t forget to do so.

5. Rebrand

I’ve wanted to do this since the start of the year but I had no ideas on how to do it. Last week, I finally had something in mind for my blog’s new logo and asked someone to design it for me (as I lack the artsy skills to do so). Once it’s done, I plan to change the layout of my site so it fits more with the finished logo. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s opinions on my new logo and layout!

6. Keep Learning

When I went to fix my email subscriptions, I found out that I’ve signed up to a number of online courses last year but never had the chance to finish them. This month, I want to keep on learning new things that I can use to my advantage. Some of the things on my queue to learn are: Designing on Illustrator, Copy Writing, Stocks & Investment, and Affiliate Marketing.

I have claimed since the very start of the year that I was going to make 2018 my year (18, being my favorite number), and that it will be the year that I chase my dreams. Looking at the first six months, it seems that I am on the right track: I’ve already reached two big goals so far which was to study in Yonsei and now I’m going back there again this time as a Master’s student.

With all these good news, I am now much more motivated and eager to truly make 2018 my year.

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Thank you for reading! I hope this year is going great for you, too! How about you, how has the first six months of 2018 been for you? What are your July goals, how do you plan on making the most out of the remaining 6 months of 2018?


  • Goodness, congratulations on the Outstanding International Student scholarship. What an accomplishment. It sounds like you’ve got your goals in order and I can see good things happening for you in July and onward.

  • Laurie Gannon

    Congratulations on the acceptance into the Master’s program, as well as receiving the scholarship. That’s tremendous! I am right there with you for healthier eating. It’s so important!

  • David Elliott

    This just reminds me I need to set goals for the next quarter. It’s hard to believe the year is flying by so quickly. I don’t even know what to do with it.

  • isabelladavid

    Congratulations on all your achievements! This motivates me to do a similar accounting!
    IG @IsabellaDavdVintage

  • Wow! You had a fantastic June. Mine was a little rough, I’m hoping July will be better. I know what you mean with the replying goal! I’m the same way. Replying to people is a goal of mine too!

  • Berlin Domingo

    Great that you’re back to blogging. It is also nice to be active in your social media like a Instagram so you may be able to promote and get engagement for your blog.

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Man, this year is just flying by! Good luck with all of your goals.

  • Brittany Daoud

    Wow, congrats on your scholarship girl, that is amazing and must of felt like a complete lift off your shoulders! xo, Brittany Nicole |

  • Rachel Cossette

    These are great goals! Learning is always a great goal.

  • Lavanda Michelle

    What a wonderful post! First off, I’d like to say congrats on the scholarship. Seems like you has an eventful June. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Austin Krause

    I need to take more time to sit down and write more frequently about the things I do as well. This is year is flying by so fast!

  • Wave for Wellness

    Congrats on the scholarship! I have an MSc in computer science but would love to do an MBA as well 🙂

  • Samantha Stephans

    Congratulations on graduate school! What an accomplishment!

  • OnlyBrightNess

    First of all Congrats !!
    June is my favorite month ( it’s also my birthday month eheh )

    This is a great post ! Thank you for sharing with us !

  • Nicole Gilbert

    Congratulations on your graduate school acceptance!!

  • Isabella Hibbs

    I feel ya this year is going by so fast!

  • Princess Quinn

    My first 6 months were full of stress and sadness. Though time flew so fast, it’s never late for more fun plans like out of town trips and earning more than last year. Congrats and welcome back to blogging!

  • Nadj Villaver

    Congratulations for the Masters and the scholarship! God bless on your next journey 🙂

  • Congratulations on the acceptance and scholarship! Also congrats on the success with your June goals and good luck with your July one!

  • Welcome back!!
    I wanna start blogging more ofter too!


  • It sounds like June was a great month for you! I also put more into blogging in June and saw things improving, so that’s definitely great motivation to keep going 🙂 Also congratulations on your school acceptance and scholarship! That’s so exciting for you!

  • Anastasia Laura Widjaja

    Hey, welcome back to blogging, dear! All the best in achieving the goals. Cheers to way better months (and years) ahead!