[TRANS] “Debut-like Comeback”… NU’EST W(뉴이스트W), 3 Things To Watch Out For


Translated by @janinekwon_
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It’s a debut-like comeback. Group NU’EST W will start their activities. After appearing in ‘Produce 101’ and going back to trainees status, this is their first full-scale activity. ‘If You’ was released through the name of ‘NU’EST W’ but was only released as a digital single, thus, the interest for this comeback is further heightened.

A boy group that reaches its first prime after their 6-year debut. With the heart of starting anew, they appeared on ‘Produce 101 S2’. Through the program, the members’ charms were shown, and they are able to receive overwhelming support from fans, it is a rare case.

October 10 Comeback. Their ‘debut-like comeback’ has of course got fans’ attentions, but there is also a growing interest from the industry.

#Appearing in Produce 101, What Effect Could It Have Given

It must not have been an easy choice. With a 6-year debut experience, going back to being trainees again and competing for debut is a ‘daring act’. Nevertheless, they made this decision and began the survival. Minhyun, Baekho, Ren, and JR participated in ‘Produce 101’, and unlike their first entrance, they proved their own value and ended up being selected by the national producers. Minhyun was the only member who was able to debut in Wanna One, but the remaining three members also received unmatched support.

The most inspiring thing is how the members developed as individuals while in the survival. Through the severe (competitive) survival, they were reborn to be more solid musicians with strong mental, talent, and experience; they also learned variety sense. The most valuable thing is their regained confidence.

In the process, each of them were able to secure a solid fandom, and by uniting as NU’EST W, it became doubled. With topics being mixed with trainees who have to to go back to their respective companies and other performers, having a distinctive powerful force is a crucial point.

#What could be the group’s distinction from the 5-member NU’EST

They will be active with the unit name “NU’EST W” with a meaning of “the sense of waiting to meet the fans again after a long time”. The distinction is analyzed to be “growth”. Although they appeared to be trainees again on PD101, they certainly became more solid, and they were able to grow more stable. The album which they can show and prove their growth is through this upcoming album, W,HERE.

NU’EST W’s company, Pledis, introduced this album as they released last October 7 a Pre-Listening video of the 6 songs in the ‘W,HERE’ album on their official Youtube channel. The general review from the fans and the industry is “They became more mature”.

An especially impressive point is their own unrivaled color. The new album’s first track  하루만(lit. Just One Day) is a song that confesses a deep longing, the second track and title song “WHERE YOU AT” is a song that is filled with feelings that only NU’EST W has. From the third track onwards are the members’ solo songs, and with just a short reveal, it gained a lot of curiosity.

From “PARADISE” where Ren’s vocals stand out, Aron’s solo song “GOOD LOVE” filled with sweetness and charms, JR’s unique rap which is calm yet powerful that can be felt on “WITH”, and up to “지금까지 행복했어요(lit. Up until now, I have/It has been happy) where Baekho boasts his emotional and deep vocals. It is quite impressive.

#October, filled with artists…NU’EST W, can they stand on the charts

Fall where the leaves are turning into autumn colors (lit. trans). Who will shine in the charts. It is really an “Autumn Daejeon (Great Battle)”. From the senior-class ballad artists Lim Changjung, Sung Sikyung, Wheesung, etc, to musicians with a lot of anticipation such as Epik High and Wonder Girls Yeeun, and even idol lineups such as TWICE, Got7, HIGHLIGHT, BTOB. What kind of results will NU’EST W receive?

Although the competition is fierce, this is an opportunity to clearly prove their own position.  Their prevailing dominance is enough to try to win. Previously, “If You” which was released only digitally without any other promotions, kept a steady place and is continuously in real-time charts and various online music sites. With this, there is a positive outlook.

Moreover, their previously-released songs as NU’EST has been reversing and going up the charts with the organized actions of the fans, showing their force is not just ordinary. With just the strong popularity and the very generous support of fans, it is enough to say that this comeback is showing bright prospects.

Translated by @janinekwon_
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